Calligraphy services

If you are interested in commissioning hand lettered work for your next big event or special occasion please have a browse below of the things that can be provided.

Envelope addressing - starting from £2 per envelope

Somerset - Full Italic modern calligraphy with flourishes, stars, ink spots etc.

Bruton- Italic modern calligraphy names with a small neat san serif address.

Collins - Full modern calligraphy with offset names.

Wimbledon- Regular modern calligraphy names with slightly exaggerated lines on the san serif address and a decorative postcode.

Place settings- start from £1 per name (first name only) plus supplies i.e tiles, cards, tassels etc.


Also available- large format table plans, signage and on site wall work and small personal commissions e.g wedding vows.

Get in touch for details.